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Ph.D Students

Current Ph.D Students

- Sébastien Bonnieux

Former Ph.D Students

Strong local collaborations

  • Cécile Camillieri : engineer on a project “Software Product Line for Knowledge Flows” with Frédéric Precioso and Michel Riveill (jan.2016 → dec. 2016)
  • Luca Parisi, Master UBINET : A KnowledgeFlow as a Software Product Line with Frédéric Precioso (oct. 2015 →sept. 2016)
  • Yoann Bertand Ph.D. Student, directors : Karima Boudaoud and Michel Riveill
  • Mehdi Ahizoune Phd Student, directors : Yves Roudier et Philippe Collet

Propositions of PhD Subjects